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About Sky

Our Mission Statement
Helping you find your inner strength today, to motivate you to a healthier tomorrow

A SKY personal trainer will help you lose unwanted weight, improve muscle tone… and totally improve your confidence and quality of life.

We're more than just your average personal training studio or gym.
Our 5 Star Studio offers a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for all your health & fitness needs.
We build genuine friendships with our members. You will receive a customized and tailored program designed just for YOU! No two programs are the same. Just as no two people goals are exactly the same.
At Sky, we make it personal!

We Find What Gets You Out Of Bed
As a pre requisite, Sky Personal Trainers must find something that motivates them enough to JUMP out of bed in the morning. What gets you out of bed? We aim to find it and use it to drive you towards your new lifestyle?


Because Training Is Only 20% Of The Plan
What you put in your mouth is just as (if not, more) important as training. So, if you are not confident in this area, why not seek a professional? We have the best-proven methods of nutrition, suited to your body, designed to accelerate your success! (All Sky trainers have an a accreditation in nutrition)

A Legendary Team!
Personal Trainer's are a unique breed; we pick the most personable. They are passionate about helping their clients achieve their goals. Your training sessions will be fun, unique and designed to push your buttons!

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