Get sky High

Get Sky High

Do you know what your training goal is? Not to worry if you don't as we have programs that we can tailor to you.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Whether it is 1, 10 or 100kgs you will work with your personal trainer to ensure that your approach to training is measured, supported, educational and to the intensity that you wish. You'll have total control, but with our expertise, support and guidance along the way.

Muscle Gain.png

Muscle Gain Training to gain strength or become big and buff (,increase muscle mass or even to improve muscle definition), the muscle gain program is a different approach to training, which provides challenges and a tough physical and mental work out.


Pregnancy During your pregnancy it is very important to keep up your training to help the well being of yourself and also your baby. This is the same after you have given birth. Maintaining your strength and fitness will help your body after childbirth. You and your baby's health is our highest priority.


Maintenance This program can be tailored to a lot of different people; individuals how have had successful weight loss and now wanting to continue training or people who do not need to lose weight but need to get stronger and more flexible. The maintenance program ensures you continue to eat healthy and train to the best of your ability.


Rehabilitation No need to stop training due to injury or post surgery. We will adapt your program to your injury and rehabilitation process by speaking carefully with your physio or surgeon to ensure we take care of you. We hope to get your strength and range of movement back to where it used to be or even better.

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Sky Away from Home Training and support doesn't have to happen only in the gym. If you're someone who travels a lot (either for work or pleasure) we will provide you with what you need to continue you reaching your goal.